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Sold Loki 4000 Complete Motor Hardware

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Sep 13, 2017
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This is a brand new hardware set, never flown. I decided that I do not want to build this rocket, though it is very tempting. I want to turn this into some other rocket parts.

This is exactly what you get when you buy the complete hardware from Loki. Comes with the case, snap rings, extended forward bulkhead.

"54mm 4000 Ns Complete Motor, Comes with an Extented Bulkhead capable of head end ignition with a 1.875" long smoke well, 2-turn spiral retaining ring (aft end) and a modified standard snap ring (head end). Single use phenolic/graphite nozzle are sold seperately for Research use. Total propellant length is approximately 41.92"."

Sells for $254 from Loki, and they are out of stock.

Condition is Mint. Never flown, only looked at.

$225 shipped.