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Dec 3, 2003
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TO: LDRS 23 Attendees

For those that can't wait, a pre-registration (pdf) form is now available on the LDRS 23 website.


Click the Are you a registered flyer? link to get to the registration info page, and from there you can download the pdf form. Print & fill out the form and return with your check to the provided PO box address.

So you would rather pay by Paypal and can wait a few weeks? As soon as our treasurer returns from his vacation I'll be working with him to setup a Paypal account for online pre-registrations. Stay tuned...

Don't forget to make your reservation at the RIT (host motel) as soon as possible BEFORE the rooms fill up. Also don't forget to mention "Buffalo Rocket Society" when making your reservations at the RIT to get the discounted rate.

BRS Inc. - Secretary
LDRS 23 web guy

If you know you will be attending LDRS, take the time now to pre-register and do yourself and BRS a favor. Not only does pre-registering give you a HUGE discount on your flyer fees, it helps out the host club, BRS, meet their financial committments toward putting together a great event.

Last minute registration puts undue pressure on the host club and the individuals instrumental in organizing the event. Give 'em a break and pre-register NOW; and save yourself some $$$ in the process!

Lance Lickteig
Secretary KLOUDBusters - LDRS XXII hosts
Webmaster www.ldrs22.org
Registration Chairperson