L3 checkout flight, Extreme Wildman on K1275R; Bong 07.18.20

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Aug 28, 2007
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Evening all

I just finished splicing together the video clips from my flight at the July 18th launch at the Bong Rec. Area in Wisconsin and thought I would post it up for others to enjoy and/or critique.

I flew a check out flight of my L3 rocket which was a complete success. The flight details from the flight are below.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask away and I will answer what I can.

Thanks to Frank, Bob, Kevin and everyone else for a great launch as always. We had a big storm blow through which forced the take down of equipment and hunkering down for an hour. Unfortunately everyone left, except for me. When the storm passed, they set up one pad to which I set up on and we waited for a blue opening in the clouds that was about 30min out. Once that blue slot was over head, we let it rip. Thanks guys, you made my day. :)


As the title says, this is a checkout flight of my Extreme Wildman (thats the model) dual deploy in its full-up L3 configuration. The only difference is that the motor is smaller (total impulse) than the intended L3 motor but its average thrust profile is similar. The intended L3 motor is the AT M1297W so the K1275 Redline I chose for the check out flight is pretty close. This rocket had (2) RRC3 flight computers onboard controlling apogee separation as well as main chute deployment at 500'. I also installed a Raven flight computer to get acceleration data and another barometric pressure datapoint to corroborate the RRC3's altitude. For location, I have an Eggfinder telemetry system with an Eggfinder TX onboard (uBlox GPS receiver with real-time RF downlink) transmitting real-time GPS positional data to an Eggfinder LCD portable receiver as well as an Eggfinder receiver dongle to a laptop. Rocket is 94" tall, 4" diameter, all fiberglass construction, weighed about 16lbs at liftoff and flew to 6400' and achieved mach 0.66 at motor burnout. Everything worked perfectly and I am planning (hoping) to do my L3 certification at Midwest Power 2020.

For future reference for any readers. I used 3g of 4f BP for both the payload and the separation at apogee and it was perfect. Your results may vary.


Pics Courtesy of Kevin Harnack

https://www.tripoliwisconsin.org/Harnack July 2020/photos/_DSC0179.jpg
https://www.tripoliwisconsin.org/Harnack July 2020/photos/_DSC0180.jpg
https://www.tripoliwisconsin.org/Harnack July 2020/photos/_DSC0207.jpg
Nice pathfinder flight. I suggest you hand your camera to a helper on L3 certification day. You can get some good candid shots. Don't forget to get a shot at the pad with the entire rocket in the pic :).

Enjoy certification day!