Jim / Shrox #2 In the series PLEASE!

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Jan 13, 2004
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At NARAM I saw this wicked cool rocket called the "Vigilante".

In my Sport Rocketry Mag, (Article by Richard Hickok) page 30...

"Thursday I launched my biggest rocket so far. It's an unreleased SHROX prototype that I dubbed The Vigilante".

This rocket is bad to the bone!


First... ...*relax*.... :)

It's important for folks to understand that we (FlisKits) are not "Shrox Industria" reborn. We're still *FlisKits*. We expect to be bringing on more of the Shrox line as time goes on, but we first want to see how the Alien8 performs. Right now we are reviewing other possible kits as the next choice in a kit release of the Shrox line.

I would expect (hope?) for 2, maybe 3 a year if the line sells well, so it's up to you guys :)

Not counting the Shrox line nor the Design of the Year possibles, we have designs out to mid-late 2008, assuming 8-10 a year.... so... :D

OK deep breath...deep breath
10-4,,,buying more Alien 8's!!
its going to be one heck of an ebay battle for that #1 production alien 8, let me tell you.