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Dec 4, 2003
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...when I arrive home from work to find a long thin package waiting for me :D

Today's long thin package was brought to you by Loc Precision...
( See attached image)
By the way, I have a couple of other pics that I finally got around to downloading off of the camera. They are not related to the Loc Viper III
rocket, but they are rocketry related :)

Initiator primed and painting started, while "friends" sit nearby...
Initiator and friends waiting for launch a few days later...

I have video of some of the launches, but its on VHS, and I do not currently have the means to copy a VHS tape into a CD. I'm poor, and stuck in the past :(

The initiator did not get to fly that day, btw, due to having left the 29/24 motor mount adaptor at home, and not have any 29 mm motors.
Ok, back to the Viper III...

I chose the viper 3, because I wanted something "a little different" than my other two midpower rockets. I'm not building any HPR yet, since my vehicle barely runs right now, and its a two hour plus drive to the nearest location that high power launches are held. Hopefully I'll have reliable transportation by the time Rockstock XX rolls around in November.

I decided therefore that the only way I could push my own personal envelope for now, then would be to work on my clustering skills. I didn't want it to become too expensive to fly, however, so I kept it down to a three cluster model.

I'm going to be making a few changes to the Loc Viper 3 design, as well. I noticed that the kit comes with a single long body tube. I'm going to cut the tube in half, and put in a coupler and bulkplate in the middle, with the shockcord mounted to a screw eye in the bulkplate. The bulkplate will have eight 3/8" holes drilled around its periphery. I cant put steel ribbon in the motor tube, since there are three of them and they are short, so I will instead epoxy some steel ribbon to the underside of the bulk plate.
Good choice on the Viper III..!!

I've been flying mine regularly for 2 yrs now built stock

I would use caution when modifing one( if resulting in extra weight) ,,on the occasion that only 2 motors light it still has enough umph to recover safely on D12's and just enough on E9's..
but when all 3 light it's a different story

one of my favorites!
Is it possible that you can buy the Viper 4 fin/motor section and swap out the 3x and 4x motor clusters? That would be quite cool!