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Oct 5, 2017
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So after taking a 15 year hiatus, I'm back!

Did L2 with Tripoli while in college back in 2000, dropped off the radar after college money dried up, graduated, found a job, got married, had a son, found a career, and now, put kid in Cub Scouts.

Well, last week the wife told me the Scouts were having a launch day today and I had the best excuse to jump back in...and man, i missed the hell out of it.

Picked this little guy up, https://www.estesrockets.com/009716-pro-series-iitm-star-orbitertm
Put it together in about an hour and had the best time doing it. Pickled up some small estes so my son can have table time with the rest of the Scouts after watching me; he had a good time doing it. Launch day was today and the "Star Orbiter" went up on a F-12 after ditching the E thinking we'd lose the rocket in the wind; the field was next to a lake...go "big" or go home right?

Had my boy press the button and man, the smile on both our faces was priceless. I was home. Went up straight and true and recovered with no issues.

The wife made a HUGE mistake and gave me full access to jump back in....there goes the bank account!

Thanks all, missed you guys.

That's a pretty funny story..
Welcome back..
Born again's are pretty common around here..

The score for you looks pretty good...
An intro story...
Bringing in at least one more person...
A consenting spouse...
A picture..

4 stars out of 4.

Welcome back!