How do I use an AT Copperhead igniter?

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Sep 24, 2010
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OK, so I think I can go launch today, and I have a pair of F21-7W econojets I'd like to try.

However, I'm confused on how to use the Copperhead igniter.

The instructions are pretty clear as to how to install the igniter, with the rubber band and all.

However, it's not clear *at all* how to hook the iginition clips up to this single strand of copper foil lead. (???????)

Do you hook them both up to the same piece metal?

I don't understand, and I don't want to short circuit my launcher.


I'm sure this question is elementary, but I've not launched any AT engines before.
Maybe this is a better question:

Is that copper foil lead actually two pieces of foil that are stuck together with a non-conductive sheet sandwiched between them? It looks like a single lead, rather than two like on an Estes igniter.
Ah, copperheads. Frustration, chuffed motors, and shorts.

You have to either put tape on one jaw of each clip or on each side of the copperhead(in different places) and attach one exposed clip to one side, the other exposed clip to the other side. Or use the AT clip, which if you don't solder you cna probably just hook your microclips to while its hooked to teh igniter.
If you're using satndard igniter clips(2 clips - one for each side of an estes igniter) then you need to isolate the copperhead igniter with tape or something like that on each side of the "metal".
Then hook up each alligator clip so that one clip is on piece of tape and the other clip on the other tape. Each side of the copperhead igniter is the same as one wire of an Estes igniter. You only want one side of each alligator clip to touch the "metal" of the copperhead and the other side of the alligator clip to touch the tape. One piece of tape on one side of the copperhead and on on the other side, one above the other to make room for the clips.
Look at the igniter very carefully. it looks like a flat strip of copper...well look at the edge, it is actually a two strip copper sandwiched with a layer(a thin layer) of insulation.

Before you hook up your clips put a small piece of masking tape on one side of each igniter clip so that the clips are only making contact on oposite sides.

The other meathod is to gently heat the end with a lighter or a match and gently seperate the first inch or so of the copper sandwich. (DON'T DO THIS WITH THE IGNITER INSTALLED!!!...DUHH)

Now you can just hook your clips up normally.

Another way is to put a small flame on the copperhead (Not on the pyrogen(black) end) and pull the 2 sides of metal away from each other for about an inch or two. Then hook up the clips per usual, as on an Estes igniter.
Also, it's best to use a 12volt system for these type of igniters. You really cut your chances of ignition with anything less than that.
Are these igniters similar to the quest style and could you use a quest tiger tail sticker for them??
I guess you could... they look like a big version of teh Tiger tail and the stickers are probably big enough but the lead would more than fill the hole.