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Feb 2, 2009
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I see aerotech has 1 or 2 single use high power motors. Does anyone else make single use high power motors?

edit -- What I'm really looking for is a lightweight high power motor. And yes I realize a reload would be cheaper :)
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Yep. Practically all of Cesaroni's line up through 54mm.

(Well, OK, they are reloads, but they might as well be single use as far as how long they take to assemble)
Aerotech makes 2 highpower SU motors
1. 38mm I350
2. 54mm K250

No one else currently makes a SU highpower motor. Ellis Mountain used to make some nice ones, but since Bob Ellis' passing, these are no longer available. You might get lucky by asking around...some fliers may still have some. However, I doubt anyone would be willing to give one up.

As CJL mentioned, your next bet would be CTI. I take it you're fearful of losing an expensive casing. By comparison, CTI's casings are the least expensive of any of the manufacturers, especially the 38s which are only a simple aluminum tube.
Now that we are through with the ATF it might be prudent for motor manufacturers to come up with an entry level single use motor. Like a H242 with a 10 second delay. Perfect for L-1 cert flight and the newbie flyer doesn't have to put down the ching for a bunch of casings when just starting out.
Those H45's were kind of fun.