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Sep 7, 2004
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does anyone have a list of high altitude rockets (possibly original ideas)rockets that run on E's F's or G's and there maximim altitude?
The cosest mpr I have for alt. is my LOC Weasel.
over 3,000ft on G motors.
Own design, 1,000 ft on a D - and that is not optimised for altitude on the D. Really should be flown on E and F motors.
OK, here's a recipe for ya.

1 PML 29mm conical nose (if they don't make 29mm try LOC)
1 29mm motor mount tube
3 fins of your choice (make sure it's stable!)
A few sets of epoxy

A g80

Walah. Should do at least 4k on a G, stick a 29mm H in there and kiss it byebye.
What Blue Ninja said. I just happen to own such a rocket, and it flies great. Although the G80 would get you mostly speed. If you want altitude you might want to use a G40. I used 1/32" G10 fiberglass sheeting for the fins, and West System epoxy throughout. The length of the tube is about 30".
I just ran a quick RockSim and got 4,100' on a G80 at 750mph, and 4,700' on a G40 at 600mph. I'm never optimistic enough to fly it with an altimeter, so I have to assume that these numbers are somewhat accurate.
How about a 24mm rocket with a Ellis Mtn G37 in it. It will fit, trust me. I flew a rocket like this on a E30 and it went like mad. I lost it but it was a great rocket!!! Imagine it on a G!!! A G37 isn't a full G but no one on the flight line will notice!!!

An Aura on a Ellis Mtn. 24mm F is nice. I flew it and got it back!!!

Look at a VB Extreme 24mm for a kit. Shove a G37 in and say goodbye!!!
I simmed a 5oz (empty) rocket with a G37 at 6700ft!!! and mach 0.97!!! :eek:
ok heres some ideas ive been getting from all of you
usr fiberglass series rockets
apogee aspire
underdog rockets mach buster
the cycline 3 xroc proto tybe
estes bulpup modded for 24mm
loc's aura
modded black brant and or upscale
custom rocket(has anyone actually designed and made a custom rocket that goes 6k+ ft?)
keep the list going
Custom rocket (haven't done it yet) : glass a sanded tube with one layer of 2oz cloth. Buy an Estes cone. Use light balsa fins with 2oz fibreglassing tip-tip. Easy as pie!

LOC Aura's are nice but really aren't optimized for real high altitude

A bull Pup with the front fins taken off and fibreglass reinforced (2oz) should be fine also. Make sure it's stable!!!
I happen to see a lot of 30-60-90 degree fin shapes in the commercially available mach buster. The Cd program I have seems to agree that's it's quite good. Some will probably say Harry Stines fins but I think they have too big a span to be feasible without a lot of work. Planform shape isn't as important as airfoil shape. Get super sharp leading and trailing edges. That'll help a lot.
Just as long as the span ain't too big you'll be okay.
I would also like to see the site. How much is it? Cheaper then $20?? Underdog's seems a lot alike but considerably bigger, which is better to see at HIGH altitudes. Plus, it flies alittle higher on smaller and more commercially available engines. Your decision!:D
RocketVision has been out of buisness for several years now. I heard these models which once sold for about $17.00 sometimes go for several hundred dollars on E-bay. I have been trying to contact the previous owner and web site manager of RocketVison to have them post their old website on the internet archive (the waybackmachine) but haven't ben able to get a response from anyone. At one time I was the number one rated expert at RocketVision's "Ask an Expert" forum. I wish I held on to more of their materials, I wish I could see my old posts from that forum.

You could probably clone a Mach-Buster from the RockSim file I have posted at EMRR. You could get a balsa nosecone from BMS and fiberglass it (the original nosecone was ABS plastic). The Kraft phenolic body tube and G10 fin stock can be purchased from McMaster-Carr. Its a very simple design 3 fins and a nosecone. The recovery rate on the G motor flights was less than 30% imagine trying to see a 13 inch long rocket over a mile away! I put a 48 inch long by 2 inch wide yellow Teflon streamer in mine for recovery. The model itself flies great on C through G motors.

Bruce S. Levison, NAR #69055
Pff , forget getting 3000ft out of a MPR rocket ;) Heres my Rocksim file of the '24mm mach buster' I made. She does :

E9-8 = 2383.61ft+
D12-7 = 1126ft+
C11-4 = 467ft+

And she recovers using a normal Mylar streamer , shes a pretty high flyer for the 'whimpy' Estes E if you tell me ;)
mpr includes 29mm motors that can as big as g's h starts the high power
Yep but dont forget E30's and F21's come in 24mm power ;) And they are MPR motors.
Yep but dont forget E30's and F21's come in 24mm power And they are MPR motors.

So are G37s. :D

I can't wait to get my hands on a 29mm Ellis Mtn I:D
I have a design in rocsim for a potential F altitude record
at 6,135' but it is just a preliminary design at this stage.
I hope to have the bugs worked out for next year.

the current record is 5,971'
I have a design in rocsim for a potential F altitude record

Cool, I'm getting into contest rocketry now and would like to see how one is made and designed before the shroud of secrecy comes over.

If you can, can you post details?
Originally posted by stymye
I have a design in rocsim for a potential F altitude record
at 6,135'
hey what are the specs? (what type of fins, nosecone, body tube, length and diameter?) or even better post the rocsim picture or the rocsim file. thats gonna be a really cool rocket
nothing secret about the design
the hard part is getting the certified long burn motor.

If you can find a motor that has the potential than half the work is done.