Happy Birthday Hospital Rocket

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Happy Birthday! Geeez...I had *no* idea you were that old. So how ya gettin' along? ;)
Happy Birthday Hospital Rocket..hope you get some good rocket stuff! :)
Junior "Old Fart" status begins at 50 doesn't it? It's kind of like an apprenticeship program.:D :D :D

You first have to hone your skills for a few years....I think there's a test?!?

:D :D :D :D
Hope you have a great day and the wife does the shoveling :D

LOL, that was a good one OKTurbo :)
Not shoveling yet. I ain't gonna start until tomorrow. An she get's first dibs on the sno-thrower.

Finally got a GPS, a Garmin 72, Now for the hard part,. waiting for the blizzard to end so I can go outside and play with it.

Thanks for the best wishes.

(Deputy second assistant old fart in training)