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Mar 14, 2003
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I found the perfect rocket for one of those rainy days when you can't fly. The rocket...a 1/144th scale Titan-3C. It is a paper rocket and you can print it out at:

It is form this site: which has some great paper rockets and more variations of the Delta II rocket than you could think of!

I used the Titan 3C parts as body wraps and wrapped them around some left-over body tubes. I then decided not to include the nose cone that is in the PDF, and instead, using a Gemini Titan paper model, placed a Big Gemini on top. For those of you hwo don't know what Big Gemini is, it was a study NASA did when the Gemini program was ending. Picture the the entire Gemini capsule in your you know the white modules on the back....well picture those as a passenger module. After the passenger module comes a retro module and a cargo module with more crew space. For my Big Gemini I printed out parts for a Gemini-Titan, colored the white modules black and attached them to the Gemini capsule, I then used the shroud maker in VCP and made my retro and cargo modules. I wish I had some pictures to show you guys, because I also built a 144th scale Gemini-Titan and you can clearly see the size diferences. So if my desciption didn't clear anything up here is a link to the Big Gemini page on astronautix:
And some pictures from my Orbiter Space Sim Projects site.

I have an idea for the future of building a larger version of this stack and maybe even having Big Gemini return on a para-glider like the real thing was supposed to.

So back to the rocket, this is a great one day project. It took me a little longer because of Big Gemini. I do recommend that you try out the Midnight Express before you do any paper model work though. It really teaches you what you need to know to make paper rockets.