found some 20 year old rockets

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Rob Fisher

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Jan 23, 2004
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-dug these 20 year old rockets out of a box today. The Venus space probe definitely has possibilities, it's in good enough shape to be re-built. I bought it when I was 15 and liked it cause it would land on its feet and was much easier to build than a mars lander! The Icarus or "Icarus 2" as I named her was a replacement for the lost Icarus 1. I remember launching bugs and small frogs in the payload section. It will fly again after a 20 year hiatus at the next launch!
When I re-build this thing its definitely getting a D mount, its actually a few inches taller than a fatboy.
Just checked Jim Z's site for the plans and it's actually called Alien space probe not Venus space probe. The probes current condition was the result of malfunctioning retro-rockets upon Mars orbit re-entry.......

As brought up in a thread someplace else...
That looks like a "Sniffer"...a real keeper that one is...
Aged 20 years...WOW...!!!