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Apr 8, 2004
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Alright I just received my kit yestery from ehobbies...launcher, silo, three rocs..engines.
But now im itching to build my own.
But before i start it might help to know some general things.

first off i know the roc needs to be very light but whats a good range to keep it within?

whats the best material for fins? craft board? i have some 1mm. posterboard type paper..its moderately stiff. very light.

Where to buy BTs?

nose cone material?
Ive heard that balsa is a bit to ..porous? for these small rocs.
what material works best?

oh yeah and while im at it :D ...where do you get your engines?
ehobbies sells them but i haven't found anywhere else yet.

thnx in advance.

This was recently discsuused in another thread. Go to the micromaxrockets yahoo group, read the FAQ, and scan the posts. All questions will be answered. :)