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Bill Gibson

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Feb 5, 2011
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035.jpg This will be my Great Grandsons FIRST model rocket!! He's not quite 8 yet, so I thought a snap together, no glue, no paint type kit would be a good start for him, and he can still put stickers ALL OVER IT!! Im SO EXCITED!
Mine always have trouble with the parachute attachment, but they still have a great time :)

Have fun!
Go with A engines for first launch. If you start with C, you may not get a SECOND launch.
Have fun!
Great! I started in the hobby at age 3, and that was my first model rocket!
Let us know how the flight goes!! :)

I know what you're feeling, brother! My little grandson just turned 4, and Grampa has built him a Big Bertha. I can't wait. I think Grampa is more excited than his grandson.

Gonna be a task chasing that kid around the launch field. He can outrun Grampa, and he knows it.
I have an 8yo & 5yo doing rockets occasionally. Save everyone some heartache by taking any chutes & tying them on a snap swivel for them to snap on when they get to that part of the build.