Fire Star/ Magnalite Igniter Binder ??

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Feb 23, 2009
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New Jersey
Does anyone know what is used for the binder in these kits?
I need more to breathe new life in my mix.
I purchased a FireStar kit a long time ago & it seems to fall apart after it dries. Laquer thinner is used to thin out the mix so it has to be laquer based of some sort....

I thought Firestars use Acetone? You may want to check that... laquor thinner is a stronger solvent, and may ruin the pyrogen.
I think (speculation) that magnelite uses some kind of plastic (maybe parlon? i think i read that was a binder) dissloved in acetone.
I even have the video it came with, They even specify a certain brand laquer thinner,That was about 4 years or more.

Maybe they changed it....
I am still sure it was acetone. I have used firestar igniters, and read them instructions, and they suggested acetones that did not have anything added to them. I stopped using firestars because I had some that went bad, and you could not double dip them. Also, once Firestar pyrogen dried up, you could not reactive it. I continued using their wires though, until I could not find em anymore.

Both acetone and lacquer thinner are solvents, not binders.

One is not more powerful than the other, they just disolve different things. Neither one will ruin the pyrogen, but one of the two may not disolve it.

Lacquer thinner is typically a mixture of several solvents, and typically contain Ethyl Acetate or other acetates, Xylene or other aromatic hydrocarbons, Denatured Alcohol or other alcohols, N-Butyl Acetate, N-Butyl Alcohol. A typical one is listed here.

Ketones are common solvents, and Acetone and MEK, methyl ethyl ketone are 2 common ketones.

Shellac thinner is methanol (AKA methyl alcohol, wood alcohol), or denatured ethanol (AKA ethyl alcohol, poisoned booze).

Typical binders are nitrocellulouse (ping pong balls), or lacquers, or similar coatings. Nitrocellulouse dissolves in acetone and other ketones, lacquers disolve in lacquer thinners. Shellacs disolve in simple alcohols until they cure.

Bob Krech
Originally posted by bobkrech

Both acetone and lacquer thinner are solvents, not binders.

I know that Bob. I was concerned that if they used lacquer thinner, they might ruin the solution... or worse...
I stand corrected. It has been years since I have used firestars, so I guess my memory got a little mixed up ;).