Fathers' day sale on rivets

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They're never in the store, but they always seem to have free shipping.

I only found them last year when I really didn't want to pay Apogee's price for such a small quantity.
Yeah - not the brick and mortar WalMart - this is the Amazon-like WalMart:

"Sold & shipped by Tasharina Corp"

Sorry for what may be a dumb question, but how do people use these?

For a shear pins I just use #2 or #4 nylon screws

To solidly hold pieces together, such as one end of an Av Bay, I typically use #6 metal screws.

Where/how do people use these removable rivets? What are the pros/cons to these?
Ease of use and no tools necessary. (I've heard people complain about removing them, but I've yet to have any trouble)
Plus they're plastic so they won't wear away fiberglass tubes and don't chew up heavy paper tubes as fast as screws.

Can't speak for everybody, but my personal opinion is that pem nuts and screws are overkill until the rockets start to get massive.
With the different sizes, I'll have ~290 left. I'm hoping I won't be buying rivets again for a loooong time.

Or I'll just replace them after every flight!