fastening payload -- tape or screws or ???

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Feb 10, 2017
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The instructions for my LOC Expediter say to secure the payload to the nose cone and the airframe reducer with screws or with layers of masking tape for friction fit. As my payload may contain valuable electronics, I'd like to be sure to do this correctly. As the payload will be removed after each flight, I'm concerned that repeated removal of screws from thin paper and plastic will soon make the screws fit too loosely. Tape and friction fit also do not sound super reliable. What's the best method to insure the payload stays on and the electronics do not fall out?
Add a thin ply backing to the inside tube, tap with the screw, and reinforce the hole with thin CA. Works good last long time.
Thanks to all for the replies. The rivets look interesting, they are not sold locally, like at Home Depot or Lowes? Are they called "removable plastic rivets" or is there a better search term?
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Thanks to all for the replies. The rivets look interesting, they are not sold locally, like at Home Depot or Lowes?

Nowhere that I've seen. I looked at hardware stores and auto centers and anywhere else.

Walmart usually has them online with Free shipping.
Stuff like these
Unique Bargains 200 x Removable Head Nylon Push Rivet Fasteners for 4.0-5.5mm Thick Panel

That link came out weird. Just use the last half, or search for those words
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I have purchased them locally with limited selection at Auto Zone, Advance Auto etc......

But I prefer the ones sold by Giant Leap Rocketry.
Is friction fit with tape as risky as it sounds? LOC's instructions seem fine with this method.
Friction fitting Payload sections really depends on the size and Mass of the Payload. a light weight altimeter alone, friction fitting should be fine. Adding a on-board event computer, altimeter, sampling servos and on and on... it's better to be safe then sorry, using small sheet metal screws.

As previously mentioned adding small plywood reinforcments behind the screw hole locations is an easy and effective way to strengthen the body tube to payload bay connection.