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Jun 30, 2010
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Here is the long awaited scratch built 3" Diablo , aka. Evolution . She has a 2x 24mm motor mount. All I need to do is to find another BSD 3" Nosecone from somewere :(
Thank you! Im gonna' rocksim her now and check it out. I would love to see her go up on 2 E9's! Hopefully they will be legal over here soon.
Nice looking rocket Karl. I have just one observation though... Is one of the fins on backwards? It seems like the tip on one of them is angled the opposite way. Hopefully it's just a weird camera angle or something! :eek:
Thankyou for pointing those errors out ! Yes the aft photo is a strange angle and I think that is responsible for it's 'crookedness'.
lalligood , thank you for that , yes it was upside down , thankfully they where only dryfitted. The error has now been fixed :D