Estes Saturn V wraps spray adhesive suggestions

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Aug 13, 2009
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I am getting to the point of applying the vaccu-form wraps on the Estes Saturn V and wanted some suggestions on spray adhesives that others have used successfully.
Here is a thread on building the Little Joe II. Although not the Saturn V, there is a wealth of info on applying wraps, and using a Tamiya primer and spray paint on scale kits.

Note that you want to use 3M brand of spray adhesive. I was thinking of using a can of Elmer's spray adhesive and a number of people have posted that it is not a permanent hold, and will lift over time. The 3M has some workability before it sets up permanently. Post #14 by James Duffy discusses 3M #90 vs. George Gassaway's choice of #77. I've used #77 and it works great, but just get it right first time. The #90 sounds more forgiving.
Have a yet unbuilt Quest Future Launch Vehicle kit which uses printed paper wraps. Even though I've been building, and eventually scratchbuilding, models of various kinds, and trains, for half a century those wraps intimidate me.
I used 30-minute epoxy. I brushed it on the back of the wrap and applied the wrap, then used rubber bands to hold it in place for overnight drying. The 30-min epoxy gives plenty of time to adjust the alignment before it sets, and it dries with a very strong bond.