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Feb 16, 2017
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Estes was kind enough to have one of my favorite lp kits on sale. Bought a bunch, pretty much designed itself...

Thanks for appreciating it. I bought 6 kits @ $3.49 ish each. Gave a couple away and used some parts for other projects. Might be possible to make it work with less, but I ended up using 3 decal sets to piece together the booster fins (the updated sets). Have yet to fly it but I suspect it'll be a good time. O.R sims mighty fine with B to A....
Nice staged customization. Fletcher is a nice kit, don't knock it, till you try it.
You get a pass on re-using "quiver"....BUT only due to context...:)
Very nice. I have one of these kits in my build pile and some extra BT's and balsa sheet. I think I'll do like you did. Are you mating the 18mm directly to the 13mm motor? And is that an altimeter in the payload section?
I'll try not to ruffle anyone's feathers and get straight to the point. Please don't bolt if you disagree.

I know this is not a compound problem but if that long straight Rocket gets bent how are you gonna straighten it? If it happens twice your gonna have to say it got recurved

Sorry about all that, I'm really bored today and away from my shop.
I8mm minimum diameter booster, direct staged to 13mm sustainer. That's a mini eggfinder you see, I am very good at losing rockets. Fits perfectly, just need to find a battery that fits as well...
I8mm minimum diameter booster, direct staged to 13mm sustainer.

Can you show me a little closer photo of that? I don't recall, does the 13mm nestle inside an 18mm, or does it just butt up against it? Did you use a thrust ring at the aft end of the booster stage?
It nestles in. An 18mm will also nestle into a 24mm. Mighty convenient for staging. :)

(Also makes it straightforward to use a spent casing as an adapter for smaller motor).
No thrust ring, just standard friction fit w/masking tape. Be sure to somehow strengthen the booster fins at the tips, the necessary shape makes them stupidly weak if you have the grain running with the leading edge. I was going to glass mine w/some 3/4 oz but got lazy and just papered them instead.Still haven't flown it so I cannot attest to booster longevity....
I brought my one kit and extra BT with me to work this week (weekends are really slow) to work on it... And a few other kits I brought with me - Mini Honest John, Sky Warrior, and Custom Rockets Equinox. I think I'll add a thrust ring to the rear end of my booster though. Thanks for the heads up on the fin tips.