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Estes and Quest Kits, Misc. Parts and Accesories

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Jan 21, 2009
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I've got a bunch of sealed kits and parts from Estes and Quest that are from classes I used to give at the schools as an intro or advance class in model rocketry. I purchased them and the kids remibursed me as part of the class fee. Needless to say, a few kids didn't show up over the past few years. These parts and kits have been lying for a few years and even with the best intentions of building the kits, they are still lying around. :confused:

UPDATED LIST I've removed the items spoken for.


Nike Smoke 2007 (Not the quick kit) (Now OOP) I have 1 left $10.00 each


Flash 2137 I have 3 $9.00 each (OOP but I've seen these for $16.00 on-line)
Bullpup 1270 (In plastic box) I have 2 $8.00 each
Bandit 1231 (In plastic box) I have 1 $4.00
Miltary Set RTF Cruise Missle/Maverick 1237 (in plastic box) I have 1 $4.00
Chrome Dome 2181 I have 1 $5.00
FireStreak 0806 (snaps together) I have 1 $3.00
Hi Flyer 2178 I have 1 $4.00
Meance 2173 (Now OOP) I have 1 $12.00


ESTES Body tubes 1090 include two lengths 10 inches each with 3 fins slots already cut in each a nose cone and a bulk head. No motor mount, fins, parachutes or shock cord. $5.00 for everything.

AEROTECH 1.9 inch tubes
9 inches long 1 tube $1.50
12 inches long 2 tubes $2.00 each

7 packs of Estes wadding - $2.00 each or all of them for $10.00

7 Estes parachutes - 6 are yellow and black, 1 is orange and white $10.00 for all of them


I will only ship to a US address.

I will ship by priority mail so shipping starts at $4.95 - The light stuff like the wadding and parachutes I will send first class mail to save shipping costs.

Payment- I would prefer a money order but will take a personal check but it has to clear before I ship. I don't do the Paypal thing...it's a long story. You can check my ebay profile - "Snorklepad" - it has to do with snorkling in Hawaii and the guy at the snorkle shop couldn't pronounce my wife's name.

YES- There is even more!:D

Any offer of $100.00 for everything remaining will get everything shipped to you for only $10.00 more.

Thanks for looking,

Andy B.
NAR L2 80405
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