Enduring Freedom Set Takes to the Skies

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Jan 30, 2009
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Today I had the chance to see if the Enduring Freedom rockets flew as good as they looked. I also wanted to try to get better launch pictures with the digital camera. I normally use my Estes Command Controller with the 2 7.2volt nicads, but today I was launching on my own so I went back to the old Electron Beam Controller since the Command Controller takes two hands to use. I put the Electron Beam on the ground and used it with my feet so my hands were free to hold the camera! I think this technique resulted in my best shots to date. The lower voltage of the Electron Beam launcher seemed to work better with the delay of the digital camera!
:eek: For those who have not seen the Estes set yet!.....yea right!!!;) ;)
First up was the BLU-97B cluster bomb: 4 bombs, one chute, 3 sheets of wadding, dog barf, and one C5-3....my FAVORITE Estes motor! A GREAT heavy-lifter!!!:cool: :cool:
BOMBS AWAYYY!!!! If you look CLOSELY, you can see 3 of the 4 deployed bombs!:cool: That C5-3 got that 6-plus oz. rocket up there pretty well!!:)
Wooow!!! Deployment WAY past apogee!!! Look cool though!! INCOMING!!....INCOMING!!!:eek: :eek: Perfect recovery!!! Not a mark on it!!! NOT EVEN the ESTES DENT!!!!:confused: :confused:
Now for the FUNKY ONES....those FORWARD fins....ALWAYS makes for an INTERESTING liftoff....or a HEADS UP!!!!:( ;) ....the PYTHON 4: on another C6-3;)
Okay, one more to go....(yea,yea....everybody WAKE UP!!!:eek: :eek: ) the PAVEWAY III, my favorite of the group!!!:D I HOPE I don't lose this one!!!:confused: on another C6-3!!
WOW, where did it GO!!! WAY WAY higher than any of the others!!! I don't see it at all!!!:( Maybe I'll see the EJECTION CHARGE!!!:rolleyes: :rolleyes: I guess I hexed it...."my favorite of the set"....OH THERE IT IS!!!....there's that ROAD again....and those POWER LINES!!!!:( ....looks like it is drifting PAST the ROAD and the POWER LINES!!!;)
Whew....on the run....toward the road...glad it drifted WAY past the ROAD!!!!
:D ....here comes a BIG BLACK SUV!!!....ha ha ....YOU won't get MY rocket....umm,....OH JEESE!!!!....THAT WAS CLOSE!!!!:eek: :eek:
Those are some great pics, especially considering you were doing the launching and photography yourself :)
Great pictures!! I always like how you build up our anticipation for each flight/picture and your construction skills.

It seems that doing the photography is just as much of a challenge as building the kits. Trying to do different things or come up with different ways of taking pictures, at least that's how it is for me. I remember one time a friend of mine had a video camera and a piece of plexiglass, so we mounted/set-up the plexiglass over the top of the camera, set up a the launch stand and took a video of my Condor (the original w/the glider) taking off. It was really cool and didn't harm the camera. It was surprisingly easy and the video came out really clear.
Those were some sweet pics billEblurz, the Python 4 is a definte looker...good post!