Edmonds Aerospace CiCi glider

Kirk G

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Jan 9, 2012
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Today I hauled out my Edmonds Aerospace CiCi glider which had lost a fin somehow, and grabbed some scrap balsa flashing.
I hustled myself out to our club launch, and before going to far to prep any other rockets, I took my razor blade and scraped the
remains of the missing fin off the model, and then traced out from the existing fin, the pattern of a replacement.

Carefully, I cut off the excess flashing, and fashioned a notch to dovetail the piece in place. (Not as easy as it sounds... somewhat
more difficult that just assembling laser cut pieces and gluing.)

Fortunately, my tent-mate had brought some Bob Smith's Medium grade CA Super glue, and with a little patience, I glued on the new
fin and let it set for at least a half hour to an hour, while preping and flying other rockets that had performed well in the past.

Finally, I broke out an A8-3 and loaded the glider onto a rod, and launched it. I must have secured it with a little too much tape, as the
glider did not go terribly high and after about one circuit, dove gently to the ground.

I broke out a C6-3 as the only other low power motor at hand, and loaded it. A number of people stopped to watch THIS launch, and I
have to say it went up like a rocket, and ejected the motor, beginning long, lazy circles, almost hovering as it nosed into the wind, and
after a few more circles, landed softly on the cut grass.

"Wow, that was great," they exclaimed. "You should save that one for competition," one urged. "What a great flight," several complimented.

What followed was a discussion of where I had gotten that terrific glider and where someone could get it nowadays.
I'm afraid, as far as I know, the website that HAD stocked Edmond Aerospace gliders is shut down, and someone has told me they are out of the hobby.

With such a simple, easy kit, and such a crowd-pleaser, I can't imagine why anyone would not want to produce a run of these gliders and get them out
in front of the public again.

Can anyone tell me why they are no longer for sale, or where a stockpile of the kit might be?
Who owns the design, and why aren't they selling it?


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Jan 30, 2016
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BMS made them for Rob until 2015, almost all of them sold out through 2016.

You may be able to find one or two here and there, but that's it. Which stinks, I would buy a CiCi Stage 2 right now if one could be had.