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Sold Dr Zooch kits

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Jan 18, 2009
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In the never ending attempt to save rocket kits from the dumpster after I‘m worm food, I present a selection OOP ant-scale kits from Dr Zooch:

Russian R-7 Soyuz (sold)
Russian R-7 Sputnik (sold)
Russian R-7 Luna (sold)
Titan IIIC (sold)
Ares I “The Stick”
Saturn I Block II (sold)
Saturn V Skylab
Orion EFT-1

Asking the princely sum of $75 each plus shipping by UPS. And as always, OBO. Send me any questions. And thank you for your participation. FYI, more coming.
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... I present a selection OOP ant-scale kits from Dr Zooch...

so cool... sadly (for myself, not so much for other folks) i may be, at present, the least remunerated dude on this forum... however i would LOVE to see pics of these kits! i currently have the SatV and the falcon taunting me on my build pile.