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Dr. Rockets 54/852,1280,1706 Set CTI 54MM 5G, 2G, Blade MCP X


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Nov 22, 2013
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Four months ago a new rocketeer joined the family and she is not quite ready to go out to the bigger fields and neither will I for the foreseeable future. So I am unloading some of my higher powered stuff. Starting with my collection of 54MM casings as well as all of my CTI casings.

First up is a set of Dr. Rockets Casings, these are barely used and are in like new condition. I would prefer to sell this as a set. There is a 54/852, 54/1280, and a 54/1706. Included will be a standard Aft Closure, an Open Closure, an Extended Open Closure, and a Sealed Closure. $375 Shipped Canceled set sale, now breaking up

54/852 $58 Shipped Sold

54/1280 $72 Shipped Sold


54/1706 $90 Shipped Sold

Plugged Closure $40 Shipped Sold

Aft Closure $34 Shipped Sold

Standard Open Closure $34 Shipped Sold

Extended Open Closure $34 Shipped Sold

A CTI 54-5G Casing with Rear Closure $75 Shipped Sold

IMG_4002.jpg IMG_4003.jpg

A CTI 54-2G Casing No Closure $45 Shipped Sold


A CTI 38-2G Casing Sold

A CTI 38-3G Casing Sold

A CTI 38-5G Casing Sold

Ok, I know this is not Rocket Related, but it does fly.

This is a Blade Helicopter, fly barless, MCP X, Never Flown. Bought this with every intention of learning to fly this and then moving up to larger copters, and then the rocket bug bit me again and all my money and time went there instead. Will add to my next sale posting.

image2.jpg image1.jpg

I will be posting some additional items in the very near future.


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