Done school, final report "From Myths to the Moon"

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Sep 22, 2009
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ok.. so thats a really cheasy title, but i'm still open to better suggestions!!! time fore me to start mixing epoxy... oh wait, i need some $$ to buy the epoxy first!!! lol, got 2 get me a job i gues... i don't wan't to work! hehe,, thats y i'm gona try'n put together a kit *did i really say that??*:D

ok, so here's tha report, i'll take any feed back, please correct me if i'm wrong somewhere (it wouldn't be the first time;)). Basicly i needed to write a report on history, about waht ever subject i wanted to, so you can guess what i tried..:rolleyes: leme know what you think!!

**oops, cant atach a .rtf file, guess ill hafta conver it to .pdf... unfourtunantly then you ppl can't eddit it if you find mistakes:( jsut leme konw thru PM or something!**
Good paper there Rocketkid. I don't know if this is relevant in today's world; but here is something we 39+ years old remember...

When the United States landed on the moon, there were many peoples around the world that though of us at that moment as a god-like people. They knew that we were just men, but we had done something that only their gods could do. I think that we lost something very special in the eyes of the world when we abandoned the moon, we seemed like a powerful but frivolous people, and it might be a root of the dislike of America today.

thanks for the positive feed back:)
i made a few changes to mabye 10 words, as advised by my co-editor, and i'll let you know what my teacher makes of it now!!! oh, and expect a few threads aobut some builds going on....:p