Does anyone here live near Round Lake, or Deefield, Illinois?

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Cyborg Rocketeer
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Jan 5, 2009
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Alliance, Ohio
My nephew graduated from Case Western Reserve University last year (in biomedical engineering) and just landed a job at Baxter in Round Lake.

If any of you are from those parts, may I ask if you'd be willing to offer some assistance in finding temporary/permanent housing (ie, where are good apartments, what neighborhoods are good, etc.)?

Thanks so much.
I used to live not too far away. Deerfield is fine and probably the more affluent of the two. Round Lake is fine too, but be aware there are several 'Round Lake' towns (Round Lake itself, Round Lake Beach, Round Lake Park) - you probably want to stick to Round Lake proper.

Both towns have train stations if getting into the city is a concern, but check the schedules first - some of the suburban lines only run weekdays during rush hours (no weekend service at all).
Thanks Carl, and to others who PM'd me. I'll forward your info to Matt as he begins his search.