comenche-3 pic's new guy.

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Aside from being Baylor colors (my wife's school), those choices would be just about perfect camo around here for disappearing into the half-dried brush and occasional green weeds.

Personally, I kinda like International Orange.
Would it be worth putting a Micro Beacon into yours Micromeister? As far as I can tell, the colour of yours & the colour of bushes/grass ect, doesn't seem to mix very well ;)
Actually the picture really doesn't do the model justice, that's Flourescent Green and Yellow. She stands out like a sore thumb in ANY natural landscape. As long as I fly her with a D12-0, B6-0 and A8-3 or B6-6. Either combination I'll get all three stages. Move up to C6-0 with any sustainer motor or a C6-7 in the sustainer, I get to replace the second and/or third stages every time. Not because of the color, because they fly completely out of sight! Once I was very lucky with both boosters and the sustainer coming down in the launch area on a very calm day. The sustainer touching down about 5 minutes after trying to fly it away D12/C6/C6. That was like of cool ....heads up in the range area:)

Powder you eye's dismisses reds and orange pertty quickly, especially at distance. Ever wonder why the RED light is Sooo much bigger then the yellow and green on highway traffic lights? because our eyes would totally miss it if it were the same size as the other two.
ya I am really takeing my time with this rocket being it is my first one in a long time i am fealy injoying it to now i am molding the filliets, with micro- fill seems to be going good since it is the first time i have ever used it, i am a little worreyed about the glue i used { SIG } super weld liquid resin, it says it is model air plan glue, now dont get me wrong it make good fillets, but it did seem to take a long time to dry. also now that i started molding in the fins the fins do have movement from side to side not alot but thay will move, i think this will be fine as far as strength, and when it touches down i feel the fins are not so ridget that the fins will give alittle, but i feel that,,that little give will crack the microw fill, if you understand what i mean.. i am not shure if i should have when with epoxy. as far as color i do want to go with some thing bright and can be seen in the air and on the ground, red makes sense, all red lights are red far a reason, or orange,

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