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Boss, Carolina Rocket Mafia
Jan 22, 2009
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North Carolina
Large purchase looking to flip. All new unopened unless otherwise mentioned. Price does not include shipping from 27541.
All Este's kits.
Der Big Red Maxx ,one opened ,all parts intact ,one sealed. 40$ for opened,45$ for sealed.
Space Corps Corvette Class 15$
Expedition 15$
Riptide Launch Set 25$
Ghost Chaser 15$
Venus Probe, opened 30$
Destination Mars Leaper 15$
Space Corps Centurion 20$
Astro Cam X2. 40$ each.
ESAM 58 10$
Hi Flier XL 15$
Boosted Bertha 25$
Baby Bertha 10$
Black Brant III 15$
Multi Roc 15$
Citation Patriot 15$
Centuri 15$
Black Brant II 15$
Olympus 15$
Astron Explorer 20$
Saturn V #1969,hole and tear in box. All parts intact. 85$
Super Big Bertha 35$

I posted on Facebook but got nothing. Willing to deal.
Saturn V, Black Brant II, Black Brant III. Citation Patriot sold. Thanks Michael and Kev.
Marked sold. Can be reopened at OP request but a lack of response for 2 weeks makes me think they are sOld.