CMASS Launch and NRC Event - 22 October 2022 - Amesbury, MA

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Mar 6, 2010
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Amesbury, MA
The Amesbury Fire Department has given us the go ahead to hold our launch on the first of October. Now we'll be at the mercy of the weather and it's not being the nicest to us. The wind may be blowing toward the wires early in the day; when that's the case, we can't allow high-power flights or low- and mid-power flights that will go over 1000-feet in altitude. Later in the day we may see some impact from the remnants of hurricane Ian and may have to shut down early.

On the plus side, we will be flying as an NRC event so work on your competition rockets.

On a real big plus side, Fliskits will be sponsoring the launch. There will be the following contests to show off your fleet and skills and maybe win a prize:
* Most FlisKits MicroMaxx flights: prize is any two MMX kits from inventory
* Most flights of FlisKits "standard" rockets: Prize is $25 towards any kit or kits
* First person to fly A/B/C/B/A FlisKits rockets in that order: prize $25 toward any kit or kits

Jim Flis will be there, too, and he'll have cake with him.

Please go to the club website to download and fill out the COVID tracing form. While at the website, think about signing up for some Launch duty.

Parking on the field by the roadway is allowed but please drive slowly on your way in and out and respect the others who are using the park with or without their dogs.
The start of the rain in Amesbury continues to creep earlier and earlier in the day.

We are going to postpone the Fliskits Launch (and all the other events) until our scheduled 22 October launch.

Wind wasn't too bad today; guessing an impressive number of flights.
The wind speed wasn't too bad through the day and hardly any gusts. The problem was the direction; it was blowing toward the houses on the hill allowing a very short recovery zone. Many took the advice to direct their flights toward the large part of the field and recovered well. A few did make their way off the field (oops!) but the flyers were courteous to the home owners and that crowd tends to like us and enjoy watching our activities.

I believe our final flight count was 337 with a Mega Mosquito 8-way drag and a 7-way Frick-n-Frack drag to celebrate the Fliskits 20th anniversary. We expected some scout groups and a dozen or so college cert flights but they didn't show; that probably would have added 50 or so flights.
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