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Sold Carbon tubes varies sizes


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Feb 21, 2012
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El Paso, Texas
Hey guys, I need to clear out a few tubes that did not make the cut, but are still worth something. They are without defects it is more like 2 foot sections and one tube that is badly sanded down.


from left to right

SOLD 54mm tube Sanded down with grinder and has a few surface imperfections. Length at 48” and OD is around 2.29”. Uncut ends 250F tg. I am asking $70 for it, plus shipping. SOLD

SOLD 38mm thin wall Carbon tube it is 33” long and with an OD of 1.55”. Tg of 250F. The issue with this tube is that I tried a coating that I thought would be great to get a clear gloss finish, but it was not what I expected and it is a liquid acrylic that will not tolerate much heat, so if anything still I would like $40 for it, plus shipping. SOLD

75mm Thin wall filament wound CF tube. This tube is 2 feet long and is a pretty much sanded smooth. Not much wrong with this tube. It is 250F tg. I would like $40 for this one, plus shipping.

75mm Standard Wall filament wound CF tube. Nothing wrong with this tube either. It is almost sanded smooth. 24” long and 250F tg, I would like $40 for this tube, plus shipping.

Thank you
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