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Lets add 10 in of BT60.
5 in of BT70, with 2 in of BT70 for detailing.
That's it for now. ;)

guess 002 (Large) (Medium).jpg

guess 003 (Large).jpg
yes - it's probably going to be a rocket - possible a biggish rocket
A couple of BT6070 centering rings.

This spaceship is a personal favorite of mine. I've built at least five
different sizes of it. This one is going to be a 24 mm version.

TRF has had several build/picture threads of others interpretation of this
famous ship.

Glue on the rings and make part of the tailcone.

Lets wait some more. :p (It gets MY post count up. :D)

guess 006 (Large).jpg

guess 008 (Large).jpg
slice the 2in piece of bt70, slide it on the rear of the large bt70 and glue on.
use pieces of styrene to make the 2in detail have ridges.
use VCP to make a bt70 to bt60 shroud for the front.

someone should have it now.:D

If not the fins on the next post will do it. it's very recognizable.

guess 010 (Large).jpg

guess 012 (Large) (Medium).jpg

guess 014 (Large).jpg
It looks EXTREMELY familiar, I just can't think of what it is!
Not an Alpha.
Yes, it is extremely familiar. :)
It is scale, but not of a real rocket.

I just love "pulling the strings" on this thread. ;)
ding, ding, ding, we have winners! :)

I used hollow fins to try and keep the weight down. I've had the "shrinkage"
problem using paper, so I skinned the fins with 1/32 balsa.

Now I just have to paint it.:eek:

guess 017 (Large).jpg

guess 018 (Large).jpg

guess 019 (Large).jpg