Calling All Canadians...oops I Mean Canadiens!

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Jan 17, 2009
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Tune in to TVO (TV Ontario is Canadian public television) starting tomorrow night!!!

I live on the shores of Lake Huron and I have an antenna (no cable) so I get mostly Canadian television.

I have my VCR warmed up (yea, I know they told me not to record their TV shows...) Sue me!

Look at the lineup for "MOON MONTH"!

10 years ago I recorded "MOON WEEK" for the 25th annaversary of the moon landing from TVO and I still play it from time to time.

Tomorrow night is "The Secret Designer" the story of Sergei Korolyov The man behind the Russian space program. I have this show but I'm gonna record it again. My current copy is wearing out!

Dear Mr. Sandman,

Thank you for the announcement, however we'd like to take this opportunity to remind you that, like your own homeland, Canada is a big place. Western Canadian stereotypes hold that Ontario, especially the city of Toronto, thinks itself the center of the universe; we're sorry they managed to convince you they were right, but it's simply not the case. We don't actually have a national public broadcaster; the closest we have is the CBC, but it's less of a PBS than a public funded wannabe-NBC/CBS/ABC, splitting its broadcast time equally between sports, news, news satire, and Coronation Street. I think the main reason we didn't build a national PBS is because we didn't have a pressing need to broadcast "This is a test: BWEOOOOOOOOOOP. This was only a test" on a daily basis.

Signed, the 62% of Canadians who do not live in Ontario, notably the large rocketry communities of Alberta and British Columbia who are >3000km away from the nearest town that gets TVO.


(actually, other public broadcast stations, like BC's Knowledge Network, do sometimes buy programs off TVO; I'll be watching for it. In all honesty, thanks for the heads up.)
Well....Excuuuuuuse me!

Where did I write that I was "convinced" of something??? I was just announcing a TV show that's coming up that I thought someone would be interested in.

OK I meant to type, TVO (TV Ontario) is "A" Canadian public television "station". Not "THE" Canadian public television station.

You are reading too much between the lines of what I said. Ehh!

"Everybody knows that Toronto is the capital of Canada", quote John Candy from the movie "Canadian Bacon".:D

My all time favorite bits is Rick Mercer's "Talking To Americans".

And my favorite TV show is "Made in Canada". I'm just sorry it's only in reruns now on CBC. Just before BBC's Antique's Roadshow" and "Coronation Street" (yuck!).

Originally posted by sandman
My all time favorite bits is Rick Mercer's "Talking To Americans".

Woah! Hey, forget what I said, you're 100% forgiven! :D

("I'm scared of heights, I'm not likely to go on the top of Peter Mann's Bridge"... heh.)

Originally posted by sandman
And my favorite TV show is "Made in Canada". I'm just sorry it's only in reruns now on CBC. Just before BBC's Antique's Roadshow" and "Coronation Street" (yuck!).


Never did get into the swing of Made In Canada. You can catch it on Showcase, but I think it's cable-only.

My favorite CBC show is This Hour Has 22 Minutes (Monday nights), where the Talking To Americans skit originally came from. Not quite as entertaining as when Mercer was the lead anchor, what with the twit from YTV (a kid's channel) taking his place, but still worth watching. You get reruns of that on Showcase too, though it's kind of odd watching years-old reruns of a current events parody show.

"Cue my important theme music!"
o/` The bear went over the mountain, the bear went... o/`
"**** you, CBC!"
--Rick Mercer, radio commercial for his short-lived solo current events show 'Rick Mercer's Weekly Report'
Rick Mercer... What guy, and "Talking to Americans" Man, hope they (down south) never see the show, as it'll show them off as being 'kinda slow!!'

"Congradulations to Mr. Horton on winning his 'double double'!!"

Or the humain way to curb our seal population - to pummel them with Timbits..

He came around last year to the comedy fest. He was a headliner. But, I was shocked, $80 for a ticket at last years Comedy Festival here in Montreal.. he's good, but not worth $80!

And lests not forget past heros, like 'The Kids in the Hall', and of course, Bob & Doug..

Canadian Humour is unique, and is right up there with British humour.. Smart, witty, and cerebral...

I thought it was the 'Port Mann' bridge, named after Natalie Portman!
Don't ever forget Red Green. If only duct tape could hold a HP rocket together.:D

My favorite is Just For Laughs Gags. (mostly done in Montreal)

Do love "Talking to Americans"

Another favorite is Royal Canadian Air Farce with Dave Broadfoot.

We do breed great comedians. Wonder if it has to do with the poutine and thawing frozen beer over an open fire. :D

I missed most of the TVO series :(
Iwas a little too old to be even remotely interested in Degrassi...or Mr. Dressup.

But I did get to see "RAZZLE DAZZLE" and "The Friendly Giant".

I'm too young! Guess I shouldn't complain!:D

Have y'all seen Corner Gas?

Great show! Real funny!
Ernie Coombs IS Mr. Dressup.

I can remeber staying home forme school, and CBC would have 'educational programming' on duringteh morning. the Degrassi kids woudl all get together, and have a 'lemonade stand' and then the education starts: costs, profits, supply and demand, competition, etc. Quite good. Pitty they don't still do that..

Corner Gas, my wife LOVEs the show.

She also like that 'Chilly Beach' as well. But I don't as I am not a hockey lover. (And yes, I am probably one of the only few who dosen't care for the game!)

What about (abooot - haha) beer?
Oh yeah, I watch chilly beach. Not my favorite though.

You're not the only who doesn't care for the game. My mom watches but my dad doesn't (???)

MMMMM, Beer. Sorry can't wait until I'm 18. Let's hope the beer stays decent. Especially after Coor and Molson merged.

The real question is Tim Hortons. MMM, apple fritter. It's a lot healthier than Krispie Kreme!
Well, Poutines then!

how to make the best Poutine!
Mmmm, a 'smoked meat' poutine! i guess 'only in Montreal'!!

and Steamies! Nothing beats a steamed Hot dawg, dressed up with Mustard, cole slaw, onions, and a touch of relish. Mmmmm..

GL-P, some advice. Molson, Labatts make some of the worst 'Canadian beer' around!!! It might as well be 'coors'

Do yourself a favor, and start with a micro brew.. Flavour over all!! And getting drunk is a bonus, but not the reason to drink...
Shall we also talk 'the Kids in the Hall'? Even though it is in re-runs...

"My pen, you stole my pen... gimme back my pen..."

"My name is Kevin, what's yours? If my head was veal, how much would it cost?"

"gimme a tea, a cammomile tea you bas..."

and teh chicken lady....