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Sold BT-80 Size X-Prize Canadian Arrow - Or V2 depending on how you paint it.

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Art Upton

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Jan 23, 2009
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SOLD I found another one in the lair and here it is up for sale for less.

Plastic Nose cone and Plastic Tail cone with slots for quick build and positioned fins.
Make up as a V2 or the X-Prize Rocket.

Asking $29 plus shipping: Send Zip via Email to QRZ [at] K8XG [dot] com for Shipping Quote and PayPal Payments.

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Now that I have one inbound, it seems a reasonably likely bet that Estes will rerelease the V2 either as a special later this year or in the 2025 catalog.
Estes sell.a poster on which the only rocket not in production is.the V2. That's flimsy evidence, but it does tend to make me think a V2 is reasonably likely.