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Discussion in 'The Watering Hole' started by Brainlord Mesomorph, Oct 10, 2018.

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    Brainlord Mesomorph

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    Brainlord Mesomorph to TRF, do you copy? Over….

    (crackle noise)

    Brainlord Mesomorph to TRF, do you copy? Over….

    I have not died. But my main computer did. So for the past several weeks, I’ve been building a new computer. Since I am *not* doing Win10, that meant also migrating to Linux.

    And while I’ve been up to my butt in computer parts, and wrestling with less-than-functional computers at work, I really couldn’t in good conscience spend a bunch of time on hobbies. Much less hours typing about them online. My DIY Launch Controller project had to be back-burnered as my electronics shop is currently buried in PC boards and hard drives.

    But I am speaking to you from my new Ryzen7 4Ghz, 16GB computer (8 cores?!) with a 500GB SSD boot drive. Boy this thing FLYS! Everything just pops open! (even in my Windows VMs) So while still have a lot of Linux configuring to do, I am back among the computing.

    It still been too hot to launch, but I did (had to) steal a few hours here and there for rocket building.

    My “Zed 3” three stage experimental lifter is complete. After a fulsome set of low-altitude payload experiments, I plan building my first flight computer and trying air-starts and dual-deployment recovery.

    Also I had a failed Estes Mercury Redstone kit that I figured out what to do with.

    I was unhappy with the way the plastic model parts for the nosecone fit. It was crooked. But then I realized that the Redstone rocket was used for other things besides that damn capsule. After a fascinating jaunt into post-WWII rocket history, I have changed the kit into a PGM-11 Redstone Nuclear Missile! (pics soon)

    So anyway, I’m back.

    There are a couple of other threads I’ve been stalking that I’ll chime in on soon. And I have questions about a launch pad I’m working on.
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