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Jan 19, 2009
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I downloaded and built the Papernator (free paper) rocket designed by Clive Davis.

This is the initial pre-review until I can fly it and get a full report up on EMRR:

Instructions were fairly clear with the only trouble being the building of the fin pods. I'm still not sure I built them correctly from my understanding of that step.

Color scheme good.

Not terribly difficult to build. A lot of parts to cut out, especially with those pods.

Fins had some thickness (I have one that seems slight twisted so I'm assured additional spin stabilization).

You will need to add your own shock cord and parachute. I used some extra elastic for the shock cord and my free SemRoc Parachute that came with an order.

Added 15 grams of clay into the nose cone (per instructions).

All-in-all a pretty solid design. It's free. Now does it fly? We'll see.

I'll report back.