Aquarius, Last of the Asymmetric Fins for the day


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Aug 27, 2011
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hadn't launch rockets for so long, figured I would send this one up in primer.
May have been a bit underpowered, also may have had some rod catch, the paper straws I use as launch lugs ride pretty smooth unpainted, but they do catch a bit after paint on a 3/18 lug, wouldn't be a problem on a 1/8", something I am going to have to think about a bit, will need to stuff a roll of paper in the when painting that I can remove afterward.
The fins rake forward on this, I think it may be a bit much for a 9 inch body tube, wouldn't be a problem on an 18" tube.
Hopefully will launch with some nose weight, paint, and a B6-4 this weekend.
Aquarius2.jpg Aquariu3.jpg Aquaius1.jpg

Video is entertaining. On the other hand, if your chute opens 5 feet off the ground and there is no damage, all good.