Apollo 1 anniversary

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I was 11yrs old at the time.

I vaguely recall this being on the news.

Walter Cronkite, Jules Bergman, and others bringing the news to our black and white TV sets.

Back then many of us knew the astronauts by name, every launch was a big event.

Sad, on the pad during a test. So near and yet so far.
A rather unhappy 6-day stretch for the U.S. space program

January 27, 1967 -- Apollo 1
January 28, 1986 -- STS-51-L, Challenger
February 1, 2003 -- STS-107, Columbia
I had just seen my first model rocket launch in England, and we were on our way back from visiting my Grandmother, when they told us over the intercom on the 707.

Dark Lord Of The Scratch Builders
A sad day for sure.

Gus, Ed, and Roger. True heros, in the truest sense.

Thanks Will for reminding us.