Anyone know any great webdealers?

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Dec 26, 2009
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Essentially I'm looking for a reliable, fast, and trustworthy business with a wide variety of products to purchase motors and kits from. Where do you all buy from?
well, although we (FlisKits) don't offer motors, we *do* have a very wide selection of kits and parts for scratchbuilding.

FlisKits is reliable, fast and trustworth with a customer service reputation second to *none*

Even Bill Stine, owner of Quest Aerospace, commented at NARCON last week that "FlisKits has set the standard for customer service"

Check us out at then read through this forum for what folks are saying about our products, quality, reliability and service.

Top notch Quality, Value and Service with a personal touch.

Thanks Jim!
We at Rockethead Rockets do not offer motors. We do offer a few kits and 8 side Mylar parachutes. We are going to start to offer more parts in the future.

We have had fast and trustworthy service.

We have a sale going on rught now for our Mylar parachutes. Check us out at

There is also some other great vendor here on There is Flying Silverado with Thrust Aero he carries kits and other parts to. There is also Squirrel Works at He has some great kits. Neil I am not sure how to get a hold of him but you can do a search and find him. He sells Rip stop parachutes and there is also Sandman who does custom wood turning nose cones and any other rocket parts that can be made out of wood. I am sure there is a couple more that i forgot. But there is a lot of great vendors right here in TRF.

I hope this helped out some