Anybody know what these are?

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Sep 22, 2012
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Ran across this on eBay, and could not figure out what they're for. Airplanes? Rockets? Any ideas?

If you can't open the link, here's a pic...

Curious in California
weird I would be interested to know what they are for though
I saw those too:confused:

Maybe there is something inside.

I wonder what they fit.

Those look like a set of cones for RC airplanes. Top Flite makes various parts for planes and the like. The logo isn't the same though.

On some of the larger kits, especially the giant B-24 mitchell and B-17 bomber these would look small.

There is a set of mock missiles nosecones available as well - all you do is add a tube and fins and attach them to the undercarriage to represent missiles and air-to-air rockets.
on the label at the top of the bag and on one of the nosecones themselves....on the side
Top Flight is also a golf ball company. That thingy's wrapper dosen't suggest golf though. It would be a really strange promo item if it contained golf balls...Could be. Lots of stuff in the 60's had space theme marketing going on. Did Ebay give an age? The "A "logo (Atlas brand? Top Flight model?) on the tube looks familiar. Tennis maybe.I'll ask my dad (Tennis player since the 60's).
I've used Top Flite's golf equipment in the past..gloves are good, balls are average.

A catalogue from Montgomery Wards circa 1960ish has a Top Flite toy company that made rocket toys. Makes sense, considering the popularity of the early space program, and every company trying to cater to that market. Especially with the Atlas metal color and capsule shape.
OOO! One more clue.... Its spelled "top flite". The chute company is spelled "flight", but I think the golf balls might be spelled "flite"!

yeah, I know they make golf balls... I use them almost every game I play...:D
Candy is kinda unlikely if it's at a hobby store. Someone should email the winning bidder to see what was in there when he opens the package.
I was just lookin at the Ebay thing, and the fact that the logo in the second picture has a pic of a rocket on it, and a little guy in a space capsule, and also that it says "atlas nose cones" on the card... Id say its rockets.:p ;)
Well, i agree it was probably a promotional item for the space race, and considering Dean was making life size print out posters for his campaign, and other stuff, it could be anything.

I wonder what it is. So far there are no bids, but once someone DOES win, someone email them and ask them what the heck it is... Or maybe the seller... They might know...
Well, I contacted the winning bidder, but he doesn't know what they are either :confused: . He says he's planning to use them in rocketry, though. Anyway, I told him about this forum - and if I hear anything more I'll stick it here.