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Jan 26, 2009
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Little Elm, TX
Hey Everyone! Happy New Year!
The holidays are long over, it's back to biz!
I'd like to start out the new year thanking everyone for their patronage last year and I wish everyone a prosperous 2009!

OK on to the fun stuff!

ARR is pleased to announce that we are now an AUTHORIZED LOC/Precision dealer and with that I'd like to extend FREE SHIPPING till 3/1/09 on all kits 4" and larger!

We now carry NICHROME WIRE! 34 & 36 AWG for e-matches and igniters!

Also we have RCS 38mm glass phenolic nozzles, fiber washers and o-rings to go along with the AT compatible casting tubes and liners!
..also the 38mm casting tube and liner sets have been improved with a slightly thicker casting tube for more insulation!

NEW FRESH SHIPMENT OF 5.5" phenolic airframe tubing!
Improved! Smoother finish (just when you thought that wasn't possible!)

Rail buttons too!

chems, chutes, books, all kinds of fun stuff!

see for details!

Never tried using AT hardware for research rocketry?
It's FUN, CHALLENGING and offers some unique advantages over
traditional snap ring motors.. (Yes, really).. Wanna know more?

A "tips and tricks" whitepaper enclosed in each order.
It can be done, it's very rewarding and lots of fun!

Thanx for reading! Randy [email protected]