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Jan 18, 2009
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AeroTech Information Release


AeroTech Lowers Retail Prices on High-Power RMS Reload Kits

As a result of AeroTech locating several high-quality sources of lower-cost Ammonium Perchlorate (AP) oxidizer, AeroTech has reduced suggested retail prices on its entire line of high-power Reloadable Motor System™ (RMS™) rocket motor reload kits.


While there are a few exceptions (certain Warp-9™ reloads are higher), retail prices on the the majority of the high-power RMS reload kit line have been reduced as follows:

29mm RMS Reload Kits
RMS-29/60 (1-grain) $11.99
RMS-29/100 (2-grain) $13.99
RMS-29/120 (2-grain) $14.99
RMS-29/180 (3-grain) $16.99
RMS-29/240 (4-grain) $19.99
RMS-29/360 (6-grain) $27.99

38mm RMS Reload Kits
RMS-38/120 (1-grain) $14.99
RMS-38/240 (2-grain) $19.99
RMS-38/360 (3-grain) $29.99
RMS-38/480 (4-grain) $39.99
RMS-38/600 (5-grain) $44.99
RMS-38/720 (6-grain) $49.99
RMS-38/1080 (9-grain) $68.99

54mm RMS Reload Kits
RMS-54/426 (1-grain) $49.99
RMS-54/852 (2-grain) $69.99
RMS-54/1280 (3-grain) $84.99
RMS-54/1706 (4-grain) $104.99
RMS-54/2560 (6-grain) $149.99
RMS-54/2800 (K1050W) $159.99

75mm RMS Reload Kits
RMS-75/1280 (K1499N) $134.99
RMS-75/2560 (2-grain) $129.99
RMS-75/3840 (3-grain) $188.99
RMS-75/5120 (4-grain) $239.99
RMS-75/6400 (5-grain) $298.99
RMS-75/7680 (M1850W) $394.99

98mm RMS Reload Kits
RMS-98/2560 (1-grain) $164.99
RMS-98/5120 (2-grain) $278.99
RMS-98/7680 (3-grain) $428.99
RMS-98/10240 (4-grain) $568.99
RMS-98/15360 (6-grain) $798.99

AeroTech’s revised high-power RMS retail price list is now available for download in PDF and Excel formats from the "Order Forms & Price Lists" page of the AeroTech Resource Library at

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