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Advertisement: Nosecones and booster hardware

Ray Dunakin

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Jan 9, 2003
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HAKO Ballistics produces specialized rocketry products for model and high power rocketry. These include: 4X upscale "Argosy" fiberglass nosecone; 4" diameter conical fiberglass nosecone; cast plastic booster nosecones in 24mm, 29mm and 38mm diameters; mounting hardware for strap-on boosters which permit separation of the boosters after burnout.

The "Argosy" nosecone is an upscaled version based on the popular Estes kit. It is a long conical nosecone with a cockpit-shaped dome. Use it to create fantastic "fighter jet" rockets or futuristic spaceship designs! The 4" conical nosecone is the same as the "Argosy" but lacks the cockpit dome.

The plastic booster nosecones are patterned after the strap-on boosters of the Delta and other similar rockets. They are conical with a rounded tip. Of course, you don't have to use them on boosters -- they'll look great on top of any rocket. Also available are 38mm booster nosecones with an "off-set" tip, replicating the look of certain boosters on the Titan and other rockets.

Booster mounting hardware is available in "mini" size, for boosters up to 29mm diameter; and several "high power" versions for mounting 38mm, 54mm, 2.56" or 3" boosters on rockets ranging in size from 2.56" to 4" and larger.

https://tinyurl.com/flev (or use the URL in my sig)