A Look at the Practicality of the Mid-Engine Corvette for Fellow Car Guys!

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Back in 2019 She who must be obeyed said I could get a C8. I built one online. LT2, elkheart lake blue with the magnetic suspension.
I got on the list, but backed out just before the pandemic.
$78K was just a bit much for a toy.

Anyway I bought this instead.


A wise man once said "It's better to drive a slow car fast than a fast car slow"

But I have seen a few C8s that are daily drivers around me. They seem to work well.
Online dealers are having a few troubles too, just look at Carvana. Dark times ahead as the repo market is exploding and used car prices will fall fast. Lenders will be flooded and have to put those repos to market with low floors. Dealers with high priced inventory will have to move it fast as credit tightens. Happy days for sellers are quickly ending as the market adjusts and crashes as the lending bubble bursts and recession sets in. Buyers, be patient as a Jedi as prices fall fast. In a year it will be much different for the car and home buyer with cash, which is KING! New car production will eventually catch up to lower demand and the days of MSRP DOUBLEPLUS GOOD will end. Maybe the last car to do so will be the C8. CORVETTES RULE!