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Feb 9, 2010
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I posted this in YORF.

A-7 Corsair II Rocket of my own design using the Centuri Fighter fleet as a guide. I also used Estes F-15 Screaming Eagle kit for some parts and fin guide.:cool:

I started this last fall and finished it up in late January. It was ready to go in February but the club launch was cancelled.

So it flew 3-6-10! Straight as an arrow!
Now I need to paint and add a few details.

Here are some pic's and video.



A-7 Corsiar II Rocket 003.jpg

A-7 Corsiar II Rocket 004.jpg

A-7 Corsiar II Rocket 005.jpg

A-7 Corsiar II Rocket 006.jpg

A-7 Corsiar II Rocket 007.jpg
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I did a little painting today, I still have more to do, But I'm undecided on a few minor details for decals. I like the shark mouth look but I don't have a decal for it. Also, I need ordnance(fuel tanks,bombs, missles) I want to use some from a plastic kit, will it take the punishment or stress of a launch.

Ideas? Comments?

A-7 Corsair II Rocket 003.jpg

A-7 Corsair II Rocket 004.jpg

A-7 Corsair II Rocket 005.jpg

A-7 Corsair II Rocket 006.jpg
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A few more pic's with a forward and aft view plus a touch up with some paint.

A-7 Corsair II Rocket 007.jpg

A-7 Corsair II Rocket 010.jpg

Although I'm not finished with this one, I already have another designed planned and in the works. :D
Another Fighter, not gonna say what... yet!:p
A little more detail was done to the A-7 this week. All that is left is to add decals and high-lite the cockpit glass. I'm not gonna go crazy with too much detail. This is justs a proof of concept model to see if it flew.

A-7 Corsair II Rocket 013.jpg

A-7 Corsair II Rocket 014.jpg

A-7 Corsair II Rocket 012.jpg
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Thanks Kevin! Maybe someone will want to kit this design?
I spent most of the A.M. placing decals, What a PITA!
Anyway, except for the ordnance, I'm done.
Now on to the new project.... if only I could get movtivated.:y::caffeine:

A-7 Corsair II Rocket 017.jpg

A-7 Corsair II Rocket 019.jpg

A-7 Corsair II Rocket 020.jpg

A-7 Corsair II Rocket 021.jpg
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Very nice! :clap:

How much does it weigh? Please give us a launch report.


Scroll up to the top of the page. 1st post.
There are pic's and video.
She launched on 3-06-10 successfully.
Total weight is just over 2 oz.(60g) (.85 is nose weight)
Length is around 12"
Approximate scale is 1/48.
My first design.
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Sorry! I thought I had read all the posts. Look like it flies pretty well.

Wow, 60g's! That is a pretty light rocket for the complexity.

Thanks, Inflight... I don't know where in MI your from but I'll be in MI this summer visiting my wifes relatives,:y::eyepop::eek::rolleyes::p:confused:
Dear god, please let me go anywhere but MI...lol! Just kidding! My wife HATES MI! I don't know why... I love to visit, I just would not want to live there!:p
Stay tuned for my new project!
Awesome! So, what's the next fighter? (Nudge, nudge)

The paint job and decals really finish the look. Are the decals custom, or did you use 1/72-1/48-1/32 plastic model decals?


Thank you. That means a great deal to me coming from a master like yourself.
Decals are from an old ESCI kit 1/48 scale. I have have two of them plus the old Aurora kit for which I used for templates for the wings and tail.
All in all, I satified with the results.

Yes, I just started my new secret project yesterday, the glueing has commenced! This time I will get a flight report done before I post anything.

What do I have to do to get the kit makers interest?lol:confused::D:rolleyes::neener:
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What a very nifty mod-Roc!
You did a very nice job on make your model look like the prototype:)

I'm a little more partical to the A8 Crusader for PMC project giving just a tad more room for conversion. Flys on A10-3T's

188_F8-E Crusader-PMC_72nd.jpg

Thank you for the input.
I'm planning a larger version(still LPR) of the F-8 Crusader using the nose cone of the Estes Crusader Swing Wing #1961 brought to my attention by EchoVictor.
I'm just now finding out about launching plastic model jet airplanes.
I use to do it when I was a teenager not really careing about recovery.
Now I want to launch a plastic model jet A-7 Corsair II to see if it flies as well as my rocket design.

BTW... what did you use for glue, plastic model cement or epoxy?

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Actually a combination of several adhesives. styrene/styrene were mainly liquid Methylene Chloride (MC) solvent welding. Cardboard to styrene and other mismatched conbinations were 5 and 30 minute epoxy.
My small 1/72nd F8 and F100 both use a rear ejection pod system that drags out the shockline and chute. in other models standard nose seperation or midpoint sep. allow chutes to be packed and protected for the ejection charges.
The Corsair II looks GREAT!

I've been thinking of doing a MiG-21. Now I really wanna do it!

Super-sweet job!
The Corsair II looks GREAT!

I've been thinking of doing a MiG-21. Now I really wanna do it!

Super-sweet job!


I'm planning a few Mig builds.(I'll post pic's later)

My new project flies just fine, I need to add a few details before I post pic's.
Here is what I have in mind for future rockets builds. I did a little searching and could not find any builds for Russian MIG fighter jets.

_MIG 25 Foxbat.jpg

_MIG 27 Flogger.jpg
Here is what I have in mind for future rockets builds. I did a little searching and could not find any builds for Russian MIG fighter jets.

I like the MiG 25. I remember when Viktor Belenko defected and flew his Foxbat to Japan. FYI: Foxbat is the NATO designation IIRC. A word starting with "F" means fighter and "B" means bomber, 1 syllable mean prop-driven, 2 syllables means jet.

Here is what I have in mind for future rockets builds.

Oooh, cool. I'll second the vote for the MiG-25 Foxbat. That's always been a nice looking plane. Plus, you can get an Estes Screaming Eagle and then have a USA vs. USSR Cold War Drag Race!

I did a little searching and could not find any builds for Russian MIG fighter jets.

Check your PM.


You must be P-psychic. What am I thinking NOW!lol:neener::roll:

I have a Screaming Eagle almost completed.

Now for some Cold War opposition.

I know I said I was done with the project but I needed to add ordnance.
well I did just that this week and here it is.

It is a little heavier now, with the new ordnance, and I hve not flown it yet.
When I do, I will use C6-7 motors in the hope I get the 'fighter dive' effect before the chute deploys.

I hope you all like it.

Check out my other Fighter Jets I posted


Rocket projects 001.jpg

Rocket projects 002.jpg

Rocket projects 003.jpg
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So I flew this puppy again on Saturday June 5th. All the ordnance was attached.
I used a C6-7 motor. Not only did it fly very well, it arced over into a fighter dive before the chute popped out, really exciting.
Pics and video are on FLASHROCKETRY.com
Check out this months and previous months for flight shots.

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