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5.5" nike smoke nose cone

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Jan 17, 2009
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I have a 5.5" polecat aerospace Nike smoke nose cone in fairly good condition the very tip is broken off (about 1/2") but has been sanded back to a point.

I have no use for it. I would like to trade, but am willing to sell.

I am looking for a LOC 5.38" nose cone (preferably the long oglive one) to trade.

make an offer! I'll post a picture tonight.
OK I finally got time to take some pics.


heres the tip, you can see only a small amount is broken off, you'll never know.


there are some very tiny hairline cracks in the gelcoat, I had to sand the primer off so you could see them. a coat of primer will completely fill them in. its been that way for years (first flight was rough LOL)


and the bulkhead.


I dont want a lot for it, I;d take $20 for it plus shipping or Trade for any 5.5" oglive nose cone, used is best!!

I said 5.38" because thats what loc said it was. seems it the same size tube as Polecat aerospace tube also. so a nosecone to fit it would be perfect!

thanks for looking