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  1. R3verb

    Eggtimer Classic............issues

    Hey everyone, I bought and built an Eggtimer Classic as a backup to my telemetrum. I'm finally jumping in to the eggtimer (the telemetrum was pretty easy to setup) and I've had nothing but issues trying to get into the programing of this thing. What I can gather after about an hour of...
  2. INFX_TryHard

    Can't Edit anything in Open Rocket (95% sure this started after upgrading to Win 11

    Recently I updated to Windows 11 and I am mostly sure that once I did, I can't edit anything in OpenRocket. OpenRocket Launches fine and I am able to open all of my rocket files but whenever I double click a part or click the "edit" button, there is no popup. Due to this, I can't edit my...