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  1. dvdsnyd

    GPS Drift, Rocket Landing Predictor and visualizer Spreadsheet

    Out of a desire to understand a little more where my rockets could potentially land leading up to the launch, and the morning of launch. As well as predicting where anomalous flights may go(main at apogee failures anyone?) Especially after having treed a couple rockets in my close flying circle...
  2. Y

    Recovery System Problem

    When using the engines given by our rocket open rocket, there is no problem in the parachute system. Since we are given a different engine in the competition we will enter, we upload its file. When we simulate it acts like a parachute is not added. What do we have to do? Please help me.
  3. Miles Goodson

    Open rocket stability number?

    Hi all, I just got Open Rocket to simulate an F powered rocket that I'm building, and for some reason, I can't get the stability number past 0.6! I've tried everything. Any ideas on what to fix?
  4. turkkusuroket

    I need to help for error.

    Hi everyone. I build a rocket in Open Rocket. I have a problem when run simulation. I uptaded .org file and a picture that shown error message. What is the solution of the error? Thanks
  5. JackO

    RasAeroII CG Calculations

    Simulating my first large rocket on RasAeroII and am really paying attention to the details. After reading the whole manual, I know to enter takeoff weight, and CG under Flight Performance, double tapping the loaded sustainer motor (single stage). In order to get an accurate sim, I am assuming...
  6. M

    Simulating parallel staging in a cluster (in OpenRocket).

    Silly thought, but one I had in the shower earlier today. Is there any way to simulate parallel staging in a cluster? Specifically, I'm thinking of a situation where you'd have several very large motors strapped together in a cluster, and then only certain sets (in symmetrical pairs) would be...
  7. Y

    Running Open Rocket from a Java code / Python scripting / CLI

    In the view of the advantages of working with lines of code in an batch way (scripted in Java), I would like to know if there has been anybody able to run any kind of simulations of Open Rocket from a Java code, even of a simple rocket. Is there an standard example of code somewhere, used to...
  8. D

    Rocket Simulation Guidelines

    I am relatively new to the rocket simulation world and I am looking to leverage the knowledge and experience of those that may be further down the road. I'm currently using RockSim as I've been simulating various part and engine configurations for a 1.68x Orbital Transport booster / glider...
  9. J

    OpenRocket - Run from CLI and/or Java

    Hi there, I wonder if it is possible to run a simulation in OpenRocket without the need of the GUI or the need of interact with the GUI. I am aware of simulation listeners, but these require some interaction with user interface. In brief, I want to run a simulation and get its results without...
  10. Bill Hanson

    How to calculate increased drag due to spin

    Hi all, I'm working up for my L3, which is going to be a fiberglass Madcow DX3 XL (black Friday special), with (tentatively) an M1350 motor. Going with the KISS principle, I'm planning to do it "stock" with the addition of a thrust plate. My problem is keeping the thing within our altitude...
  11. R

    Finding Open Rocket Sim files on the Forum?

    Hi, Everyone what's up! :D Puns'm new to the forum. Where can I find OpenRocket Sims for an Estes Goblin? Thx