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  1. cwbullet

    3D Printing Review: thekkiinngg Powder Coated Sheet for Prusa

    eBay Purchased Powder Coated Sheet Preparation:cleaned before printing with IPA Filament: Hatchbox Black PLA, Hatchbox PETG, Prusa PLA, Prusa PETG Live Z: -1.200 Adhesion: 8.5 out of 10. Easily removed test (1x2 inch RECTANGLE) after allowing the bed to cool to room temperature. It required...
  2. cwbullet

    3D Slicer Settings

    OK, I am starting this thread as a place to put 3D Printer Slicer settings. When you respond, please start the post with the printer, software, and filament used. For example, "PETG, PRUSA, CURA".