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  1. rdrown

    Filling screw holes in plastic (polystyrene?) nose cone.

    I have a 4 inch mad cow patriot kit and it has a plastic nose cone. I had to add 100 grams of lead to nose and glued it in with gorilla glue polyurethane glue. I then inserted three screws into the glue and lead. The screws are countersink and I would like to fill this in to smooth it out...
  2. MX Missile Nosecone thin 0 15mm ABS MK3S 3h4m 20200705023343

    MX Missile Nosecone thin 0 15mm ABS MK3S 3h4m 20200705023343

    Estes MX Missile Nose Cone Printing
  3. Gunstar

    BT-80 Der Red Max Nose Cone - 3D printer file found

    For those of you wanting to make a BT-80 der Red Max, there is a file on thiniverse to print the nosecone. You will need to scale the print up 158.82% to resize it from BT-60 to BT-80. I haven't tested this yet, but thought some of you would like to...
  4. Gary Mac

    Nosecone for 6" New Glenn

    I'm looking to build a 6" OD New Glenn model. Anyone have ideas where to find a nosecone that looks like the real one in this big of a size?
  5. H

    Gps av bays for the nose cone

    I remember there was threads for this but I cant seem to find them. Wanting to know if there are any sites I can buy nose cone bays for the GPS. Highflyer1968
  6. N

    Odd Looking Nose Cone

    I just bought a pack of nose cones and one of them looks odd to me. I've attached a picture. Can anyone tell me what the mass at the back is? It's behind the eyehole for attaching chute and shock cord, so it seems it would just get in the way of those and serve no purpose. I saw someone on...
  7. Peter Bech Svalgaard

    Nosecone dimming in OpenRocket?

    Is it possible to dim the nosecone in openrocket? how? I read this was good for minimizing pressure drag.
  8. C

    SOLD 7.5" Nike Smoke Fiberglass Nosecone

    Hi Everyone! I haven't had the pleasure of using this one. I see Performance Rocketry is out of stock. Anyone interested? Would be happy to provide a pic. Thanks for checking this out!
  9. Gary Mac

    Repairing Fiberglass Nosecone with a Chipped Tip

    Any suggestions for repairing a fiberglass nosecone with a chipped tip? The damage was from some of the smaller kids handling it at a local science show, not a ballistic landing. As you can see from the photos, it's chipped through the fiberglass layer. Some ideas I had were to "build" a tip...